This made my day

Gosh, after school I went home preparing myself to leave again within five minutes to shit, pack my bag and leave for the tube. I’m on my way to Pal Maas to finish the latest pieces of clothing (with some other teens) for the fashion show Saturday. When I get there, around 12:00 midday I see all the lights are off. Kind of embaressed I (incognito) try to open the door and show no reaction on my face when the door doesn’t open. I want to scream but decide to sit down for five minutes and the ugliest part of Rotterdam. I want to die and make some calls. Okay, this is nice. Turns out it starts around two. I get back to the tube to visit my favorite coffee shop in Rotterdam, grab a medium latte and visit the H&M. But before I get to tube I see a creepy man staring at me. I walk faster but he gets there before I can cross the street. He follows me and again I want to scream and die. Then he tries to talk to me, listenig to music I pretend I do not hear him. He keeps following me, luckily the tube is there when I run up the station and leave that filthy place. Now I’m still in the Coffee Company and it’s loaded in here. I still want to die because I have to return to that creepy place within two hours.


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