Queen of Knits pour H&M

A while ago I read on Wikipedia that Sonia Rykiel was the next designer after JC that will be designing for H&M: Sonia Rykiel pour H&M. She’s a great designer and I personally think H&M should be proud to have such a great designer as her designing for their company (And I’m sure they are very, very grateful.) I totally forgot about the whole Sonia Rykiel for H&M thing and when I was reading the dutch ELLE today I came by ads for this collection. So this news isn’t that recent anymore, but I’m still going to write a post about it. The collection consists of ladies underwear. The prices are really reasonable. I’m not a fan of everything in the collection, but a little diversity is always good right? And that’s exactly what she did, but still she managed to make a collection instead of garments that don’t have a connection at all. The collection will launch on December 5 and will be available in 1500 H&M stores all over the world. Not only in the H&M stores but for the first time for H&M the collection will be in the Sonia Rykiel stores too. This is not the only collection she will design for H&M in 2010 she will design a knitwear collection (ofcourse, this is where she’s famous for) plus an accessory collection on 20 February.


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