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When Autumn comes

November 26, 2009

Their ready-to-wear collection for Autumn 2009 isn’t that new at all but since it’s freezing right now I decided to do a post about this season’s clothing. And since there’s still 50 percent of Dutch blood flowing trough my veins I thought it should be about Viktor & Rolf. In their ready-to- wear collection for the Fall 2009 have those neutral colors that can be seen on almost every runway this season. But we’re still talking about Viktor & Rolf and who are they when they don’t add a little crazy touch to them. I see alot of geometric shapes that come in small details but also draped garments and neutrals (as I’ve said before in this post). Personally I think the main focus in these garments is in the overall shape of them. The details look magnificent, big bold and beautiful mixed with minimalism. The Greek sculptures that were on the runway kind of showed were they got their inspiration from.