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Le Petit Antoine

December 1, 2009

You probably haven’t heard of Antoine Peters when you’re not from The Netherlands. But since I am, I did hear from him and saw him in person when he gave me and 20 other people a presentation about his work as a fashion designer. And yes, I was impressed! But who is he?

Antoine Peters is a dutch fashion designer. After he graduated from Fashion Institute Arnhem in the Netherlands he got to show for Amsterdam International Fashion Week with some other designers. He has worked for the dutch AvantGarde magazine, Viktor & Rolf and is one of Hollands most promising designers. There’s one thing that one can always see and feel when they are looking at his collection: Humor. Humor is one of the most important things when it comes to him designing clothes. With titles for his runway shows as: ‘Fat People Are Harder To Kidnap’ and ‘Turn Your Frown Upside Down’ he always makes the crowd laughing before the show even starts. Even the tags in his garments are in the shape of a smile, and they are stitched in a way so that on the backside of the garment is a little smile.

He’s also well known for his idea: A Sweater For The World. This is a huge sweater that can be worn as an oversized dress but also as just a sweater for two (or more) people. Also this idea, comes back into some of his collections.

In most of his collections patterns are used, no not the usual patterns that we already know like the scottish pattern or pied-de-poule but patterns he creates himself. Like in the collections: ‘I’m with stupid’, ‘Fat People Are Harder To Kidnap’ and ‘To Make An Elephant Out Of A Mosquito.’


The first five pictures are pictures taken from the collection: ‘Fat People Are Harder To Kidnap’. He uses a pattern he created himself. The pattern consists of pieces cut from the newspaper that we sometimes see in movies (old movies most of the time) when they show us a threatening letter. In the third and the fourth picture we can see this clearly, but when you focus on the first two pictures you can see that the pattern on the garment is the same as the others but only it’s a magnification. This collection is from the FW 08/09 show.

The last four pictures are taken from the collection: ‘I’m With Stupid’. He was inspired by the cheesy T-Shirts that say: I’m With Stupid with a arrow under them pointing to the person next to them. I’m not really a fan of these patterns but some really stand out.  This collection is from the FW/2010 show. Which is his latest collection. In both of these collection we can see a lot of drapery.

The pictures 7 to 16 are taken from the collection: ‘To Make An Elephant Out Of A Mosquito’. This a dutch saying: ‘Van een mug een olifant maken.’ Which basically means: that someone makes something bigger and worse then it actually is. This saying is often used when someone makes a big problem over nothing. We see shapes that are inspired by the shape of an elephant like the shoes of the first picture in this post. And there is a mosquito pattern all over the dresses. Then there are the jumpsuits which makes the arm appear as the nose of an elephant. Picture 13 and 14 have a pattern that looks like this up close:

He told us: ‘I use these catwalk shows for publicity, a way to show what I’m capable of.’And he sure did!

Go to for more of his collections. (Fat People Are Harder To Kidnap, Le Petit Antoine and etc.)


When Autumn comes

November 26, 2009

Their ready-to-wear collection for Autumn 2009 isn’t that new at all but since it’s freezing right now I decided to do a post about this season’s clothing. And since there’s still 50 percent of Dutch blood flowing trough my veins I thought it should be about Viktor & Rolf. In their ready-to- wear collection for the Fall 2009 have those neutral colors that can be seen on almost every runway this season. But we’re still talking about Viktor & Rolf and who are they when they don’t add a little crazy touch to them. I see alot of geometric shapes that come in small details but also draped garments and neutrals (as I’ve said before in this post). Personally I think the main focus in these garments is in the overall shape of them. The details look magnificent, big bold and beautiful mixed with minimalism. The Greek sculptures that were on the runway kind of showed were they got their inspiration from.